A Shul for Inspiration.
A Place for Education.
A Home for Celebration.
Our shul has been the home to many in the Metro Detroit area for over 80 years.  With our humble beginning in Detroit proper, we moved as the neighborhoods shifted north.   We currently share space with  the Yeshiva Beth Yehuda School, we have been together for over 60 years.

We continue to provide a place of inspirational davening  and educational classes about religious practice and accient, yet relevant halachic  texts.
Rabbi Dov Loketch is the Rabbi of the shul.  He has been witht he shul for over 40 years.  He oversees all aspects of its spiritual and physical needs. 

Rabbi Loketch delivers the weekly Shabbos Drasha captivating his audience. As a student of Jewish history, he is often citing historical sources and places of texts in his speech bringing that source to life.
Rav Asher Eisenberger  is the Dayan  of our Shul. He has been with us for over 22 years.  

Rav Eisenberger delivers several shiurim throughout the week.  His most favored shiurim are his contemporary halacha shiur on Shabbos afternoon and his Yom Tov Maamarim.  His Maamarim are so unique and enhance the Yom Tov that they were recently (April 2017) published by Felheim  as Maadanei Melech. 
Our shul has many dedicated volunteers.  Working together under the direction of our Rabbinate, our Leadership Team helps ensures all the physical and spiritual matters of the shul are attended to.  If there is something you see that needs attention or a suggestion for the betterment of our shul, please speak to one of our officers.